Milk Chocolate Modak

Milk Chocolate Modak

Made with whole milk sourced from small farms, this light chocolate is delicately balanced between sweet and milky. The invented milk chocolate and have perfected the recipe with unmistakable quality.

  • Fresh milk and orchid vanilla offer a truly unique milk chocolate tasting experience. 
  • Easiest milk couverture to temper if you are using in a chocolate moulding candy making recipe.
  • Light chocolate color.
  • Dairy Milk
  • 33% Cocoa Solids

Rare cacao blended with fresh milk is what makes our Milk Chocolate so addictive. If you are a chocolatier, the exotic taste along with the wholesale bulk chocolate pricing will have your customers standing in line to savor your chocolate recipes. 


    What makes our chocolates so special is the creative blending of flavors and the execution of artisanal techniques performed by our esteemed Master Chocolatier, and her team. It requires more than the finest ingredients nature offers to craft the transcendent flavors and beautiful textures Sweetzerland chocolates are known for.

    Every bite of Saar chocolate tells the story of our endless quest for excellence. We believe that no other food in the world reflects the sublime as well as luxury Saar chocolate. This is why we infuse our passion and knowledge into every piece of chocolate handcrafted in our atelier in Pune, India.


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